Textile Conservation

Examination and Fiber Identification

Textile and costume conservation begins with the thorough and systematic examination of the object. The identification and integrity of the materials, the condition of the structural elements, and the provenance of the piece are documented. Subsequently, the analysis of the object’s materials and overall condition guides the decisions concerning the most appropriate treatments.

Cleaning and Stain Removal

Utmost care is taken with the analysis of soils and stains prior to any textile cleaning; the most suitable method of fiber cleaning - aqueous or non-aqueous - for the specific textile is determined and a customized treatment performed.

Stabilization and Repair

Stabilization prevents further loss and deterioration of a textile; thus the practice may involve the capture of unraveling threads, the tacking of beaded embellishments, or more extensive treatment. Once stabilized, a textile might require additional treatment to prepare it for exhibition or use. ConText Inc judiciously repairs surface and structural problems in a manner which promotes the long term preservation of the object.

Storage Solutions

Proper storage will enhance the long-term preservation of a textile, and may indeed prevent the need for future textile cleaning or repair. Customized, innovative, and archival solutions are a ConText Inc specialty.